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            Ning'an City Grain Starch Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the industrialization of agriculture. The processing of potato starch and the processing of starch in other crops, deep processing and transformation are the main directions, and the processing and processing of grain and oil are also taken into consideration. Annual production of 5000 tons to 30 thousand tons of potato starch complete set of equipment, equipment complete, from the process design, equipment manufacturing and installation, to debug a dragon. The products are well sold in the three provinces of Northeast China and far away from North China, northwest and southwest. Our company has installed more than ten thousand tons of potato starch production line imported in China, and a successful trial.

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  • About us
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  • High quality R & D production team

    The company has a strong technical force, the company has a senior engineer led
  • Powerful product processing capability

    All kinds of equipment of the company are complete. Have strong mechanical machi
  • Strict product quality inspection process

    Every product quality inspector we produce will inspect the product according to
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